Setting up the winery in the urban setting of downtown New Bedford comes with its own unique challenges but it also offers a lot of positive aspects. One of these positive aspects is the connection that we’ve made with a vibrant community of people. Over the years New Bedford has developed a negative image and it usually makes the nightly news for the wrong reasons. But if you visit downtown and meet the people that work and live here, you will find that for the most part everyone is upbeat about the future and eager to change the negative perception which has been the image of New Bedford for so long.

This positive attitude will most certainly carry on beyond downtown and energize the city as a whole. Not only do we have the number one fishing port in America, we have a community of intelligent and hard working people in all fields of work. The city and its people are adapting to the challenges of a changing world and I’m very proud to have jumped in for the ride. I’m proud and excited to give back to the city which a few years ago welcomed me into this great country.