Travessia Fresh Wine Release – November 2017

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written to the Travessia “world” 😊
I have a couple of great reasons for emailing you today.

First, this Friday November 17th we are releasing a Fresh wine. What
is Fresh wine? It’s wine that has just finished fermenting and
therefore has not been filtered or sulfured. It’s a fun wine to enjoy
for the Holiday season. We sell it in our own Travessia 750mL growler
which you can re-use. The catch: This wine is only available for a
few days. This is 4th annual Travessia Fresh wine release and we’ve
sold out of it in the previous three editions.

Second, we recently released two new red wines that I made with
grapes from our family neighbors in Portugal. Morgado’s Vineyard and
Geraldo’s Vineyard – we named the wines after the vineyard owners.
These wines originate from old grapevines, some being 70+ years old.
They are field blends, meaning that the vineyards are planted with
several different varieties mixed together. If you enjoy unique red
wines, visit Travessia and taste these.

Travessia is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 5PM
year-round, or by appointment.

So I invite you to visit Travessia in the coming days and taste wines
that I personally enjoyed making and that I’m now truly enjoying

My best,
Marco Montez