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2007 Vidal Blanc


This wine is made of 100% Vidal Blanc grapes grown exclusively in Massachusetts. Grapes were harvest from Running Brook’s Westport and Dartmouth vineyards in early November. It is a semi-sweet white wine fermented and aged entirely in stainless steel tank.
Alc. 13.6% By Vol. Residual Sugar: 2.7g/L / 750mL

<<I’m no wine connoisseur but your Vidal Blanc reminds me of some of my favorite Rieslings. We had it at a Thai restaurant which is BYOB only, but I can see myself drinking a glass (or two) by the pool side.  And it’s made in Massachusetts! Good stuff.>> Jennifer Bennett - New Bedford, MA

Appellation: 100% Massachusetts
Vineyard: Running Brook Vineyards (Westport & Dartmouth)
Grape Composition: 100% Vidal Blanc
Alcohol: 13.6% by Vol.
Residual Sugar: 2.77g/L
Winery price: $11.70 Travessia Wine Club / $13 Regular
The 2007 growing season registered one of the lowest amounts of rainfall in Southeastern Massachusetts for the past two decades.  In fact, several weeks passed during mid-Summer with no considerable amount of rainfall.  As a result, grapes reached an excellent degree of ripeness with good flavor intensity.  Yield was approximately 4 tons per acre.  Even ripeness across vineyard blocks allowed us to harvest with a single pass on the very last couple of days of October.
At the winery grapes were gently de-stemmed and pressed. The juice was then fermented entirely in stainless steel tank.  Fermentation was completed in 3 weeks at an average temperature of 55F.  Due to the grape’s high sugar content, we decided to finish this wine semi-sweet instead of using water amelioration. Wine was settled in tank for 3 months before bentonite fining to accomplish moderate heat stability.  The wine was cold stabilized naturally during the winter months when winery temperature reached approximately 40F for several weeks.  Malolactic fermentation was prevented by sterile filtration during bottling. The sweetness in this wine is residual from the grapes, not added sugar.  Bottled on August 2th, 2008.  Released on December 14th 2008.  575 cases produced.

ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL INFORMATION... For the wine geek in you! :-)

TA: 6.75g/L pH: 3.46
Free SO2: 20ppm at bottling Total SO2: 50ppm
Yeast: QA23 MLF: None
Oak Aging: None Age of barrels: n/a
Vine Age: Average 7 years Harvest Date: October 30-31, 2007
Harvest Method: 100% hand picked Brix at Harvest: 27.4
Fining: Bentonite Filtering: 0.45 micron


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