For the people without whom none of this would be possible…

Claudia & my two girls – For the daily support, encouragement and motivation.

My parents – For bringing me up in a small village in the north of Portugal where I first smelled “the juice” and for “letting me go” at such a young age.

Octavio Pereira, Celestina Pereira & my entire American family – For trusting me and for bringing me to this incredible country. I would not be where I am today without them. Literally and figuratively.

José & Luciana Paxita – The best parents-in-law a guy can have.

Manny Morais & Pedro Teixeira – For being crazy enough to hand over their winery to a stranger like me. Not like they had much of a choice, but still… crazy.

Eric Fry – My mentor who has an answer for every winemaking problem I’ve ever come up with.

Keri & John Cox – For the phenomenal work in putting on paper the image I had in my mind. I’m feel very lucky to have mediumstudio as my design/image company.

Co-workers – I’ve worked with many intelligent, hard-working and kind people. Thank you for the time you have given me and for everything you taught me.

The many close family and friends who have helped me in many ways…